Post-Polio Health International holds copyrights on all PHI, GINI, IPN and IVUN publications. No parts of Post-Polio Health International's publications may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without permission in writing from PHI. Because of PHI's philosophy that encourages networking, permission to reprint is usually given.

Reprint Policy

To obtain permission, please submit your request to

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NOTE: PHI does not grant permission to "reprint" articles online, but welcomes you to link to our website,, for articles that you would like to share with your readers.

You may also mail or fax your request to:

Post-Polio Health International (PHI)
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Saint Louis, Missouri 63108-2930 USA

314-534-0475, 314-534-5070 fax

Office hours: 9:00–11:30 am CT  and 1:30–3:00 pm CT, Monday–Friday



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