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Post-Polio Wellness Retreats

A Good Idea That Can Be Duplicated

Post-Polio Wellness Retreats provide an opportunity

Moving several steps beyond re-rehabilitation, retreats offer ongoing wellness approaches that promise to improve overall health and quality of life.

Bay Cliff Health Camp Professional Staff along with physiatrist Frederick M. Maynard, MD, and polio survivor Sunny Roller, MA, all from Michigan, came together in 2006 to coordinate a very successful post-polio wellness retreat in Big Bay, Michigan. Similar retreats can be organized in other parts of the world to promote health and wellness among polio survivors. Important resources include a comfortable location that provides accessible accommodations (accessible natural beauty is a real plus), a committed sponsoring and organizing organization(s), and knowledgeable professionals willing to volunteer time and expertise.

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Post-Polio Wellness Retreat Ideas from Colorado held in August 2014.

Polio survivors have met at Bay Cliff Health Camp, Big Bay, Michigan, since 2006. Bay Cliff's most recent post-polio wellness retreat was September 2013. In 2012 and 2014, Bay Cliff provided weekend reunions for past campers with Dr. Fred Maynard as the featured presenter.

Attendees of Bay Cliff's 2011 Post-Polio Wellness Retreat

In April of 2009, the team coordinated a Post-Polio Wellness Retreat prior to PHI's 10th International Conference held at Camp Dream on the campus of Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation (RWSIR).


Polio Australia Incorporated coordinated its first Polio Health and Wellness Retreat in April of 2010 after participating in PHI’s Post-Polio Wellness Retreat held at Camp Dream on the campus of Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation in April of 2009. Since then, Polio Australia has continued to run Polio Health and Wellness Retreats for up to 70 polio survivors and their family members on an annual basis in various states in Australia.

To learn more about the Australian experience, watch a summary video of their 2010 Retreat, and review reports and photos of all other Retreats online.  

To find out more about the impact of Polio Australia’s Retreats on the health literacy of participants, view the presentation given at PHI’s 2014 Conference Retreats and Health Literacy.  

Tell us about your wellness retreat.

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Photos from Camp Dream (2009)

Photo of two people talking Relaxing in the dining area

Photo of Retreat Pavilion Gathering at the Retreat's Pavilion

Photo of Retreat Session A Wellness Retreat session

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