Post-Polio Health Care Considerations for Families and Friends  

Post-Polio Health International



I.   Considerations for Hospitalized Polio Survivors
II.   Late Effects of Polio: The Medical
  A. Polio: The Disease
  B. New Symptoms after Stability
  C. Post-Polio Syndrome
  D. Aging with Polio
  E. Maintaining Health and Wellness
III.   Late Effects of Polio: The Psychosocial
  A. Polio: The Experience
  B. Models of Disability/Identity Issues
  C. Coping with Stress and Physical Changes
  D. Relationships: Families and Friends
IV.   Management/Treatment Ideas
  A. Pain
  B. Weakness
  C. Fatigue
  D. Breathing and Swallowing Problems
  E. Depression and Anxiety
  F. Trauma
V.   Evaluation of Options within the Family
VI.   Professional Assistance
  A. Family Physician
  B. Health Care Specialists
  C. Coordination of Care
VII.   Plan for the Future – Don't Reinvent the Wheel!



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