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Publications (Medical/Clinical Impressions) about Post-Polio Problems

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cover of Post-Polio SyndromePost Polio Syndrome – Management and Treatment in Primary Care (ISBN 978-0-955475-20-7) is authored by seven health professionals in Ireland who are writing for professional personnel working at Primary Care level with polio survivors informing them of the symptoms, management and treatment of post-polio syndrome. The 65-page book can be downloaded at
f, the site of Post-Polio Support Group Ireland.


image of the book cover of The Post-Polio ExperienceThe Post-Polio Experience: Psychological Insights and Coping Strategies for Polio Survivors and Their Families (iUniverse, Inc.,) by Margaret E. Backman, PhD. (Book, ISBN 0-595-38639-3, softcover $18.95; 231 pp). Backman, a clinical psychologist in New York City, specializes in helping individuals and families cope with medical illnesses and physical disabilities. She has been working with polio survivors for over 20 years. This very readable book – appropriately titled – provides insights (one size does not fit all) and offers strategies for survivors and families.

Proceedings: Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthoses for Ambulation is the official findings of a February 11-12, 2006 state-of-the-art conference coordinated by the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetics (AAOP, The purpose of the conference was to document clinical standards of practice for the profession. This 200+ page book is part of the AAOP's Project Quantum Leap funded by a grant from the US Department of Education. The book was mailed to all members of the AAOP and has been developed into an online professional continuing education course for O&P practitioners. Contact to request a copy.

Cover of Managing Post-Polio: A Guide to Living and Aging Well with Post-Polio Syndrome, Second EditionManaging Post-Polio: A Guide to Living and Aging Well with Post-Polio Syndrome (Second Edition) Lauro S. Halstead, MD, in conjunction with National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH), Washington, DC and NRH Press, offers a new, fully revised Second Edition of Managing Post-Polio (1998). Edited by Halstead, the book provides a comprehensive overview dealing with the medical, psychological, vocational and the many other challenge of living with post-polio syndrome. The majority of the 15 contributing health professionals are polio survivors themselves. The 304 page 6 X 9 (ISBN 0-9661676-6-X) paperback with index retails for $13.95. Shipping is $4.25 for one book and $7.50 for two or more copies. Orders should be mailed, called or faxed to NRH Press, National Rehabilitation Hospital , Publications Office, 102 Irving Street, NW , Washington, DC 20010-2949; 202-877-1776; 202-829-5161 fax. Discounts are available for larger orders by calling NRH Press.


Aging with a Disability: What the Clinician Needs to Know (The Johns Hopkins University Press) edited by Bryan J. Kemp, PhD, and Laura Mosqueda. (Book, ISBN 0-8018-7816-0 hardback $55.00; #0-8018-7817-9 paperback $24.95; 328 pp, 20 illustrations). Chapter on post-polio syndrome is written by Jacquelin Perry, MD.

Postpolio Syndrome (Hanley & Belfus) by Julie K. Silver, MD, and Anne C. Gawne, MD, with 25 contributing authors. (Book, ISBN 1-56053-606-3). READ REVIEWS ...


The Polio Paradox (AOL Time Warner copy) by Richard L. Bruno, PhD. Based on interpretations of clinical experiences; includes references. (Book)


Post-Polio Syndrome: A Guide for Polio Survivors & Their Families (Yale University Press) by Julie K. Silver. Based on clinical experiences with notes/references. (Book)


Post-Polio Syndrome: Identifying Best Practices in Diagnosis & Care and Guidelines for people who had polio (March of Dimes). Summary of March of Dimes International Conference on Post-Polio Syndrome, May 2000. (Pamphlets)


Handbook on the Late Effects of Poliomyelitis for Physicians and Survivors. Edited by Frederick M. Maynard, MD, and Joan L. Headley, MS with 47 contributing authors. Saint Louis, MO: Post-Polio Health International. (Book)


Managing Post-Polio Syndrome: A Guide to Living Well with Post-Polio Syndrome (NRH Press) edited by Lauro S. Halstead with 20 contributing authors. (Book)


Post-Polio Syndrome: A New Challenge for the Survivors of Polio (BioScience Communications). (CD, online at


Current Trends in Post-Poliomyelitis Syndrome (Milestone Medical Communications) by Daria A. Trojan and Neil R. Cashman. (Monograph)


Post-Polio Syndrome (Hanley & Belfus) edited by Lauro S. Halstead and Gunnar Grimby with 16 contributing authors. (Book)


The Post-Polio Syndrome: Advances in the Pathogenesis and Treatment (Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences) edited by Marinos C. Dalakas, Harry Bartfeld, and Leonard T. Kurland. Proceedings of The Post-Polio Syndrome: Advances in the Pathogenesis and Treatment, April 1994. (Book)


Post-Polio Syndrome (Butterworth Heinemann) edited by Theodore L. Munsat, MD, with 15 contributing authors. (Book)


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