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Although the Post-Polio Task Force disbanded in 1999 because the research was concluded, the information that was developed for this section of the PHI website remains relevant to this date.

Post-Polio Task Force

A task force of clinicians and researchers who specialized in diagnosing and treating polio survivors with symptoms of post-polio syndrome, as well as patient advocates for survivors of polio, was formed to help promote awareness and advance medical knowledge of the late effects of polio. The Post-Polio Task Force was underwritten by an unrestricted educational grant from ICN Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of Mestinon (pyridostigmine).

About Post-Polio Task Force

Post-Polio Syndrome: Questions and Answers

Highlights from 1997 Roundtable
In addition to producing the above educational materials, ICN Pharmaceuticals underwrote a multi-centered, double-blinded, placebo-controlled trial of pyridostigmine.

Published Results of the Research (Preliminary Data)

Articles in peer-reviewed journals (Final Data)
Data collected from the multicentered trial of pyridostigmine, funded by ICN Pharmacauricals, resulted in the following articles:

Trojan, D.A., Collet, J.-P., Shapiro, S., Jubelt, B., Miller, R.G., Agre, J.C., Munsat, T.L., Hollander, D., Tandan, R., Granger, C., Robinson, A., Finch, L., Ducret, T., & Cashman, N.R. (1999). A multicenter, randomized, double-blinded trial of pyridostigmine in postpolio syndrome. Neurology, 53, 1225.

Trojan, D.A., Collet, J., Pollak, M.N., Shapiro, S., Jubelt, B., Miller, R.G., Agre, J.C., Munsat, T.L., Hollander, D., Tandan, R., Robinson, A., Finch, L., Ducruet, T., & Cashman, N.R. (2001). Serum insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) does not correlate positively with isometric strength, fatigue, and quality of life in post-polio syndrome. Journal of the Neurological Sciences 182(2), 107-115.





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