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Dr. Selma Calmes is no longer able to accept consults/questions on anesthesia.  

From the American Society of Anesthesiologists:
Safe, Successful Surgery Starts with Anesthesia Care

Anesthesia Specifics for PPS
Selma Harrison Calmes, MD, Retired Anesthesiologist

Update on Anesthesia (2014)
Selma Harrison Calmes, MD, Retired Anesthesiologist

Anesthesia Use in Polio Survivors: What's New (2011)
Selma Harrison Calmes, MD

Summary of Anesthesia Issues for Post-Polio Patients
Selma H. Calmes, MD, Olive View/UCLA Medical Center, provides cautionary advice for polio survivors.

Anesthesia Update: Separating Fact from Fear (2009)
Selma Harrison Calmes, MD

Selma Calmes, MD, recommends the following article to the post-polio community. "Questions Baby Boomers (and their parents) should ask about anesthesia" (25th August, 2013) by Karen Sullivan Sibert, MD, a Los Angeles anesthesiologist, which was written at the request of the American Society of Anesthesiologists as a public service for patients and families.

"Postpolio Syndrome and Anesthesia"
David A. Lambert, MD; Elenis Giannouli, MD; & Brian J. Schmidt, MD, The University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada. Read the article in September 2005 issue of Anesthesiology (Vol. 103, No. 3, pp 638-644)

Survivors of last century's polio epidemics now entering their fifth to seventh decades of life are presenting for surgery more often. Some of these patients may have postpolio syndrome. This article reviews polio, postpolio syndrome and anesthetic considerations for this patient population.


Breathing Problems in Post-Polio (Scroll down or print.)

Past issues of Ventilator-Assisted Living©


A Statement about Exercise for Survivors of Polio ...
Written by the Medical Advisory Committee of Post-Polio Health International and endorsed by 29 post-polio experts. For additional information, read Articles about Exercise for Polio Survivors, collected from past issues of Post-Polio Health.

SOS – Save Our Shoulders: A Guide for Polio Survivors from Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute is a 34-page booklet complied in 2003. It discusses shoulder problems of polio survivors and offers advice and exercise possibilities. The colorful booklet includes diagrams and photos. Note: Some of addresses on page 32 are incorrect. Please see PHI's Post-Polio Directory.

Social Security Disability Insurance

Ruling of "Post-Polio Sequelae"

More about the Ruling


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