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Post-Polio Health (ISSN 1066-5331)

Vol. 14, No. 1, Winter 1998
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Research Reports: NAPPS Preliminary Data

Gait and Post-Polio
Marianne Weiss, MS, PT, Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy
University of Findlay, Findlay, Ohio

Nutrition and Post-Polio
Lauro S. Halstead, MD, National Rehabilitation Hospital, Washington, DC

Polio and Post-Polio in The Netherlands

Polio and Post-Polio in Italy
Luisa Arnaboldi Maggioni, Mapello, Italy

Research Reports: Static Magnet Fields - Their Effect in the Control of Pain in Disabled Patients
Carlos Vallbona, MD, Baylor College of Medicine/Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Houston Texas, and Carlton F. Hazlewood, PhD

Honors Received: Canada, Justin Dart, Jr.

Disability on the Air

Post-Polio Bibliography

Polio and Post-Polio in Italy

Luisa Amaboldi Maggioni, Mapello, Italy

I am the National President of the Don Carlo Gnocchi Former Student Association, a group of more than 40,000 disabled Italians, including poliomyelitic people, who have been treated and educated in eleven boarding schools in Italy.

Between 1954 and 1974, polio survivors were hospitalized during the acute phase. Afterwards, a priest named Don Gnocchi founded boarding schools which were in the vanguard at the time. In these schools we underwent physiotherapy, psychotherapy and studied so we could actively take our place in society.
We have only recently learned of post-polio syndrome and many of us are experiencing the symptoms. We immediately sought to find out what other countries were doing and to examine and introduce this issue in Italy.

We sent nearly one thousand questionnaires and about 50% have been returned. These questionnaires have only partially been reviewed by several Italian specialists who work with the Don Carlo Gnocchi Foundation, however, we are considering opening a screening center in one of the rehabilitation centers of the Foundation in order to address everyone's rehabilitation needs.

We aim to deal with this new phase with serenity and to take advantage of all the advanced scientific data at our disposal today.

Contact Associazione Ex Allievi don Carlo Gnocchi via Antonia Fumagalli Grisi,