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Post-Polio Health ISSN 1066-5331)

Vol. 20, No. 1, Winter 2004


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cover image of Winter 2004 issue of Post-Polio HealthReport from the 2003 recipient of The Research Fund Award:
Participants, Their Health Status and Data about Menopause

Claire Z. Kalpakjian, PhD, Project Manager, Model Spinal Cord Injury Care System, University of Michigan

Are You Prepared? Advance Directives
Debbie Hardy, Whittier, California

Healthy Eating: Fat Facts
Jann Hartman, Baltimore, Maryland

Reviews of: Postpolio Syndrome and Breath: Life in the Rhythm of an Iron Lung

Royalties Donated to Post-Polio Health International

FOF (Fear of Flying)

European Post-polio Veterans Speak to Members of the European Parliament

Trouble Using Medical Equipment?


Trouble when Flying?

European post-polio veterans speak to members of the European Parliament ...

Johan Bijttebier, Post-Polio België (third from left), and Peter Jay, British Polio Fellowship, (fourth from left), address members of the European Parliament.Twelve polio survivors, representing six countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, United Kingdom) in the European Union, met in November 2003 to consolidate their efforts on behalf of the Union's polio survivors and to highlight their problems before members of the European Parliament. Europe's post-polio organizations are invited to join this newly organized group called European Polio Union (EPU), which will meet again June 5-6, 2004. For more information, contact Johan Bijttebier of Post-Polio België (

Special friends of PHI ...

Royalties Donated to Post-Polio Health International

Daniel R. Williams' book, Keep Smiling and Never Give Up! was released October 7, 2002 - 45 years to the day he entered an iron lung for treatment of acute poliomyelitis. The book chronicles the seventeen years of his life from age 14 to his marriage in 1974. Williams details his experiences in two "respo centers" (Ohio and Michigan), five hospitals and four nursing homes until he and his bride, Kaye, move into an apartment.

Dan generously designated part of the royalties of the sale of his book to Post-Polio Health International. To purchase a copy, in hardcover ($24.00) or paperback ($17.00), send your check to Indiana Polio Survivors Association (IPSA), 3005 North Countryview Drive, Muncie, IN 47304.

Curt Kettner displaying his golf swing. All participants played the front nine using one hand.The First Annual Curt Kettner Post-Polio Syndrome Golf Tournament was held in October. All proceeds from the event were contributed to The Research Fund.



Kettner displaying his swing. All participants played the front nine using one hand.

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