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Post-Polio Health (ISSN 1066-5331)

Vol. 22, No. 3, Summer 2006

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cover image of Summer issue of Post-Polio HealthSacroiliac Pain: A Physical Therapy Perspective
Cynthia Henley, PT, Miami, Florida, and Kathryn Wollam, PT, Coral Springs, Florida

Recent Experience Using Immunoglobulin to Treat Post-Polio Syndrome
Lauro Halstead, MD, Post-Polio Program, National Rehabilitation Hospital, Washington, DC, and Julie K. Silver, MD, International Rehabilitation Center for Polio, Framingham, Massachusetts

How to Make Low Cost PVC Crutches, Walkers and Wheelchairs
Published in 2005 by Freedom Wheelchair Workshop and Chiang Mai Disabled Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The State of Worldwide Polio Eradication

Frequently Asked Question

Sprint Adaptive Swimwear


Polio History

From Toomeyville Jr Gazette ...
By ... From ... and about Respiratory Polios,
A leisurely journal, Volume II, Number 1, Spring 1959
Muscle Evaluation

poem and artwork by Eileen Martin

For hours a therapist tested my muscles,
(A process involving a series of tussles)
I boldly spoke up, so I'd not be misled,
To ask for his findings ... and here's what he said:

"Your triceps and biceps are pretty well shot,
And a trace of the dorci is all that you've got.
Your trapezius? Sleaziest muscle I've seen!
And your deltoid is void, if you know what I mean.

Cartoon about Muscle Evaluation

"Your peroneus longus is strongest of all,
And the sternohyoid and rhomboid have had a close call!
Anterior's inferior! Your gastrocs are sunk!
And so are the rest of your limbs and your trunk!

"Your pectorals, tensors, your quads and satorius
Aren't what's considered in muscles as glorious!
As a matter of fact, you have gone quite to pot!
But be a good patient and use what you've got!"

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