Programs for Developing World

Do you offer programs for the survivors of polio in the developing world?
Do you want to share your ideas with others?
Do you have questions for experienced groups?

Post-Polio Health International is compiling information about groups in the developing world that are directed by, or for, polio survivors.

They are invited to send their information to


StandProud, formerly International Polio Victims Response Committee (IPVRC) Join them on Facebook.
Wheelchairs For Nigeria


Centre for Children with Special Needs (CCSN) is a project of the A project of the Rotary club of Banani Dhaka, Bangladesh.



The organization of services for these children depend on both community based and institutional approaches to rehabilitation. Our approach is community based rehabilitation.

The main work is to take the service for these children to their doorsteps so that mothers can avail it more easily. They can get physiotherapy, consultation, medical advice & training within an accessible distance. We need a pediatrician, a physiotherapist, a health assistant and some logistic support. We already know the place and are familiar with some people of the village. We have about 40 disabled children enlisted. We have a pediatrician and a physiotherapist.

To learn more, also contact Carl M. Good III, PhD,,
Merrimackvalley Rotary Club in Chelmsford MA


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