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"Networking links people who share common needs or common goals. Networking is a support system. It is a method of self-organizing. It is the structure of a social movement. Most of all, it is a method by which people get things done."
– Gini Laurie, PHI Founder and early leader in the independent living movement

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Post-Polio Directory©
(free pdf, updated 3-2-19)

Continually-updated listings of clinics, health professionals and support groups/resource individuals with knowledge about the late effects of polio. Also a list of "Other Useful Contacts."

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Conversations on living well with polio
and more by Sunny Roller.

Post-Polio Support Groups

Community Calendar
Meetings and conferences for polio survivors, users of home mechanical ventilation, health professionals and other disability-related events.

PHI Conferences
Information about past PHI Conferences.

PHI Membership Memos

Can You Help?
Send questions, requests and responses to others about equipment, resources, etc.

What Works for Me
Shared peer advice about living successfully as a polio survivor.

People We Know
News about people who have made significant contributions to the disability community,
reported to PHI ( or selected from the news.

Do you offer programs for the survivors of polio in the developing world? Do you want to share your ideas with the others? Do you have questions for experienced groups? Post-Polio Health International is compiling information about groups in the developing world which are directed by, or for, polio survivors. READ MORE ...


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