What Works for Me

Shared peer advice from polio survivors
about what works for them.

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Wheelchair user finds reasons for shoulder problems other than post-polio

Survivor has positive results from hiking and ice skating

Knee surgery at 80

Guidance on Evaluating the Last Twenty Years

My List of What Works for Me

Discovering the gift of poetry within

What Works: Results and Implications of Post-Polio Clinic Survey

Personal Solutions for Living with the Late Effects of Polio

A polio survivor's heart stress test

Acupressure then rest

Feldenkrais therapy aids mobility and fatigue of polio survivor

Photograph my leg with a thermal infrared camera

Personal Viewpoint: Housing Options

Polio survivor recounts eyelid reduction surgery

Polio survivor/ventilator user's experience with surgery

Post-polio and breast cancer

Preparing for possibilities as one ages

Wellness from the inside out

Nutrition and Supplements

At least in my case, leg cramps can be totally controlled by supplements

Wondering about beneficial effects of Omega 3

My experience with human growth hormone (hgh)

Anodyne therapy and L-Arginine

Taking Coenzyme Q10

Diet and supplements to help with osteoporosis


Exercise your body and your mind

Personal exercise plans

Water exercise program designed for those with arthritis

Yoga benefits polio survivori

Shoes and Apparel

Good orthopedic shoemaker in Northeast

Special shoes, braces, orthopedics

Mismatched shoe services and offers


Peg Tube Insertion (Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy)

Surgical Relaxation of the Upper Esophageal Sphincter


Polio survivor encourages travel

Wheelchairs, Scooters

New programs for wheelchair cleaning, recycled DME, Saint Louis only

Sip and Puff technique for operating wheelchair and other devices

Solution for improving function of wheels in manual chairs

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