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People with different-sized feet frequently ask if there is a place where they can donate or exchange the extra shoes. PHI welcomes updates to the following at any time:

National Odd Shoe Exchange (NOSE)
PO Box 1120, Chandler, AZ 85225
480-892-3484, www.oddshoe.org

The One Shoe Crew
PO Box 285, Rio Linda, CA 95673
480-892-3484, sally_tavarez@hotmail.com

The Minus One Club 

OddShoeFinder.com allows users of the site to buy and sell their single shoes and mismatched pairs of shoes – usually for less than what they would pay for a single pair of matched shoes.

New Balance Web express allows one to purchase a left and right shoe of different sizes by paying full price for the first shoe and ½ price for the second one (this eliminates the need to find a home for the other shoes).

Retailers providing single/mismatched shoe services:


Birkenstock Express Online
301 SW Madison Ave, Corvallis OR 97333, 800-451-1459 

Therapeutic Footwear:

National Shoe Retailers Association maintains a database to allow one to search by zip code or area for shoes in special sizes and/or widths.

Aetrex Worldwide - Therapeutic shoes.

Markell Shoe Company - Orthopedic footwear, appliances and orthotic devices.

One day when I went to pick up my new leg brace and my brace man told me about the policy of Nordstrom's on buying shoes. If you need two different sizes all you need to do is pick out the pair of shoes you like and only pay for two shoes, each one a different size. I have bought my shoes there ever since. I wrote the CEO of Nordstrom's to thank him for such a great service.
Marlene, posted 1-4-05

I have two different-sized feet and buy my shoes from Allen-Edmonds. They are expensive shoes, but are good and last a long time. Check out www.allenedmonds.com.
Jim, Louisville, Kentucky

Do you know that Parisian only charges for one pair of shoes even if you have to buy two pair? They are great about that and ask for no confirmation or doctor's orders; they just take your word for it. I buy ALL my shoes there now. Visit www.parisian.com and find a store in your area via the Store Locator and tell your salesperson that you have to buy different sizes for medical reasons.
Chris, posted 5-5-04

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