WE'RE STILL HERE! 2011 Focus:

October 9-15 is WE'RE STILL HERE! week. This year’s focus is to encourage places of worship to make their buildings and programs more accessible. As the late effects of polio bring on new weakness and as we age, it becomes more and more difficult to do the things we used to do, ie, maneuver the stairs, read printed material and hear speakers. Many times it is easier to just stay home, an act that isolates us. Post-polio health includes the body, mind and spirit, and PHI encourages you to think about all three aspects of your health.

What we can do as individuals: Think about the barriers that we face when we visit our places of worship. Talk with those who appear to have similar struggles. Ask them to help us in solving the problems.

The solution may be as simple as requesting

Or we could ask the church, synagogue or mosque leader to

Or we could say “WE’RE STILL HERE!” and offer to

You get the idea. Be an instigator and a doer. Polio survivors are still here, and we can make a difference for ourselves and others.

Plan now for 2011 activities!

Links to Faith Groups Disability/Accessibility Information

2011 Activities:


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