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October 10-16, 2010

PHI and RI Collaborate

Post-Polio Health International (PHI) and Rotary International (RI) call on Members of PHI to participate in a Rotary Club meeting the week of October 10-16, 2010.

First, connect with your local Rotary and ask them if you may present a program about polio and post-polio. Make arrangements now, because many Clubs book their speakers months ahead. Look under “Rotary” in your phone book or use the “Club Locator” on the website of Rotary International http://www.rotary.org/en/AboutUs/SiteTools/ClubLocator/Pages/ridefault.aspx  If they are booked that week, accept any week available.

Second, ask them for the name of their member(s) who have been the most involved in polio eradication. Contact this person and invite him/her to help you present facts about polio eradiation and the late effects of polio. 

What are the facts? Carol Pandak, Manager, Division of PolioPlus, and Rotarians Ann Lee Hussy and Al Bonney of Polio Survivors and Associates, add a Rotary Action Group, have supplied answers to questions about the polio eradication effort. Joan L. Headley, Executive Director of PHI, answered questions about the late effects of polio. Two documents are available:“A Rotarian’s Primer on Polio Eradication and Polio Survivor Support” and Questions and Answers for a Visit to Rotary.”

Download both sets of questions and answers from www.post-polio.org or call 314-534-0475 for a copy.

Third, in collaboration with the Rotarian decide which of the questions you want to ask about polio eradication that he will answer; decide which questions you want him/her to ask you about the late effects of polio. Pick the ones that are the most appropriate for your town and country and practice your part of the Q & A presentation. Most programs are ½ hour or less. Check with the organizer.

Fourth, on the day of the meeting, thank the Rotarians for what they have accomplished and encourage them to finish the job, and, with the Rotarian, present your Questions and Answers.

Take along some materials for the Rotarians to let them know WE’RE STILL HERE! Watch www.post-polio.org for options that will be available soon.

Reminder: Visit www.post-polio.org for “A Rotarian’s Primer on Polio Eradication and Polio Survivor Support” and “Questions and Answers for a Visit to Rotary.”

Join the campaign – WE’RE STILL HERE!

Photo Contest for WE'RE STILL HERE!

Polio World, an informal group of leaders and advocates dedicated to promoting post-polio syndrome advocacy globally, has organized a photo collage contest. They are seeking entries from polio survivors featuring 3-4 photos showing how a survivor has journeyed with polio throughout life and to say WE’RE STILL HERE! Participating continents and countries have each created their own procedures. For more information, contact the appropriate representative below.

AFRICA – Barbara Gratzke, Int. Post Polio Support Organization, Ppsofsouthfl@aol.com

ASIA – Lisa Wang, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan , kuoyuwang194@gmail.com

AUSTRALIA – Mary-ann Liethof, Polio Australia, mary-ann@polioaustralia.org.au

NEW ZEALAND – Susan Kerr, Post-Polio Support Society of New Zealand, susanvrm@clear.net.nz       

EUROPE – Margret Embry, European Polio Union, margret@trexim.be   

CANADA – Sue Jones, Polio Canada, SJones@marchofdimes.ca 

USA – East of Mississippi River, Linda Priest, Atlanta Post-Polio Association, lindaleepriest@gmail.com

USA – West of Mississippi River, Micki Minner, Polio Epic ( Tucson ), mickiminner@msn.com

SOUTH AMERICA – Tatiana Mesquita e Silva, Liasion Associação Brasileira de Síndrome Pós-Poliomielite (ABRASPP), tatimsilva@gmail.com


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