For info about WE'RE STILL HERE! October 14-17, 2007, few possible talking points

PUSH ACCESS. Access can mean two things. For one, it has to do with having a barrier-free world-curb cuts, ramps, wide aisles, automatic doors, that sort of thing. This is beneficial for everyone-people with disabilities, the elderly, mothers pushing strollers, shoppers – who wouldn't rather be able to move freely from place to place, be able to reach what they need? The other refers more to being able to compete on a level playing field, as in access to education, to jobs, to medical assistance, to opportunity.

SHARE YOUR PHILOSOPHY. Point out, for example, that your success in life had something to do with expectations; explain the importance of challenging the myth that people with disabilities can't do many things.

TALK ABOUT REHAB. Mention the importance of rehabilitation and how spending adequate time in rehab helped you. Connect this to how brief current rehab stays are.

EXPRESS HEARTFELT GRATITUDE. If you're a survivor, why not thank your spouse, your children, your old rehabilitation physician, the nurse in your unit, whoever-and say WHY. If you are the child of a survivor, explain what you learned from your parent who had polio. Everyone relates to such feelings.

RECRUIT HEALTH PROFESSIONALS. Explain the necessity for seeking out members of the medical community to jump on the polio bandwagon, now that many who have been so dedicated are now retiring, while WE'RE STILL HERE!