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Partner Abuse, Part 2

Brian Tiburzi

“Promoting Positive Solutions,” From Post-Polio Health (Volume 30, Number 4, pages 8, 9, 10). Part 2. Dr. Machell addresses female to male and same sex partner abuse: Intimate partner violence (IPV) isn’t just about male perpetrators and female victims. Men can be abused by a female partner. And in same-sex relationships men are abused by men and women are abused by women. Abuse …

Losing Speech

Brian Tiburzi

“Promoting Positive Solutions,” Post-Polio Health, Volume 29, Number 2, Spring 2013 Question: I am a 62-year-old happily married mother of two. I have a history of bulbar polio and have started speech therapy for new swallowing difficulties and problems with vocal endurance. Thus far, I have been able to adjust to every change brought on by post-polio syndrome, but this new change …

What is expected of a group leader?

Brian Tiburzi

LEADERSHIP  ∞ Nancy Baldwin Carter, Omaha, Nebraska QUESTION: “There is some question about what all is expected and not expected of the leaders of our group. We have a couple of new members who have come in and seem to think that we don’t ask for or take suggestions from anyone and that we are a three run group which we are …

Losing Members?

Brian Tiburzi

∞ LEADERSHIP Nancy Baldwin Carter, Omaha, Nebraska QUESTION: “Our group is down to about half a dozen members who rotate meeting at each other’s homes for lunch once a month. I’ve heard of other groups that are losing members as well. What can we do to keep our post-polio data bases from eroding to the point where we lose all contacts and …

Finding Good Information Online

Brian Tiburzi

∞ LEADERSHIP Nancy Baldwin Carter, Omaha, Nebraska QUESTION: “How do we help our members find good online information and use this in communicating with those in the medical community and others?” ANSWER: Finding reliable and relevant polio information online can sometimes be a challenge. The difficulty is not a paucity of information but rather the overwhelming number of possibilities to …