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Imperative to Fight Ableism

Brian Tiburzi

Karen Hagrup I am disabled and proud. I have a doctorate and two daughters. I live in a nice condo with my partner. I’m retired and volunteer regularly in my community. People come to me for help. I rarely worry anymore about others’ attitudes toward my impairment; they’ve probably got it wrong anyway. Some might say I’ve overcome my disability. …

Margaret Pfrommer and My Career

Brian Tiburzi

Allen I. Goldberg, MD, MBA, Master FCCP, Illinois BEFORE MEETING MARGARET PFROMMER I need to go back to my medical school days at Downstate in Brooklyn. In 1967, I was given an opportunity by my medical school and the French Government to visit France. There, my patron was Pr. Maurice CARA, a world pioneer of intensive care medicine, mobile intensive …