Anodyne therapy and L-Arginine

I am undergoing a series of Anodyne therapy treatments, usually used to treat peripheral neuropathy in diabetic patients. While I do not have neuropathy, I do have impaired circulation in my left leg due to having contracted polio 52 years ago. My leg is typically cyanotic, cold and brutally uncomfortable in winter months. After two treatments I was able to sleep without an external heat source at night for the first time in years. It is more comfortable during the day, as well, and maintains a more normal temperature and color. To my physician’s knowledge, this treatment has not been considered for post-polio patients: if my experience, and quick, positive response is any indication, it should be. The treatment is comfortable, non-invasive and has long-lasting, if not permanent effects. Light-emitting pads are applied to the affected body parts for 45 minutes for a number of sessions; typically 7-10 (to my knowledge). This also aids with wound healing. L-Arginine is also taken in conjunction with this, and afterwards. The treatments make use of the nitric-oxide pathway: releasing nitric oxide from hemoglobin which dilates blood vessels. A diabetic specialist familiar with Anodyne treatment should be able to help.

Melanie, Redwood City, California