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Brochure on the Late Effects of Polio

For Polio Survivors, Families & Friends, and Health Professionals

This introduction to information about the late effects of polio, is available as an attractive printed, 4-part brochure written for three audiences: polio survivors, their families and friends, and health professionals. The sections can be separated and passed along to others.

First copy is free! Bulk purchases available for $0.45/brochure.

For more information, contact info@post-polio.org.

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Post-Polio Health Newsletter
PHI’s quarterly newsletter is a benefit of Membership.

Post-Polio Health©, PHI's 12-page quarterly newsletter, is sent in print to Members published in February, May, August and November.

Request your free sample by sending  your name and mailing address to info@post-polio.org. Be sure to specify "Post-Polio Health."

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Past Issues
Complete, printed newsletters from 2003-2020 (Vols. 19-36) are available for $1.25 per issue (not article). A complete set of all issues from 2010-2020 (Vols. 26-31) is available for $40. Add $10 for international orders. Please call 314-534-0475 to place an order or inquire about availability.

image of cover of handbook on the late effects of poliomyelitis

Handbook on the Late Effects of Poliomyelitis for Physicians and Survivors

PHI's 120-page book, in dictionary format, that contains 90 entries, a compilation of the research and experience of more than 40 experts. A valuable resource for polio survivors and their health professionals.

Edited by Frederick M. Maynard, MD, retired physiatrist, currently living in Marquette, Michigan, and Joan L. Headley, MS, polio survivor and Executive Director of PHI. Copyright 1999.

The Handbook, first published in 1984, retains the easy-to-use dictionary format in presenting information appropriate for polio survivors and health professionals who treat them.

For more information, contact info@post-polio.org.

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image of cover of post-polio directory

Post-Polio Directory 2021

Our directory of post-polio health care professionals, support groups and resources.

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image of cover of post-polio directory

Resource Directory for Ventilator-Assisted Living 2021

IVUN's resource directory contains listings of health care professionals, in-home care agencies, ventilator care facilities and more.

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