The Joyce & Arthur Siegfried Memorial Fund

About the Fund

For some, living independently is curtailed by lack of funding for very personal items, such as braces and custom-made shoes. In 2012, the Polio Network of New Jersey ( established The Joyce and Arthur Siegfried Memorial Fund at Post-Polio Health International with an initial gift of $7,500.

Joyce and Arthur Siegfried were pioneer advocates for polio survivors. Mrs. Siegfried attended the 1987 PHI (GINI) conference and took “pages and pages of notes” back to the Raritan Valley Post-Polio Support Group, which she founded that year. She helped organize the first New Jersey Conference on the Late Effects of Polio in 1990, which led to the creation of the Polio Network of New Jersey in 1991. She died in 2004, after many years as the organization’s treasurer and leader of the Raritan Valley Support Group. Mr. Siegfried was a long time PNNJ board attorney and also served as president, retiring in 2010 a year before his death.

Before you completing the application, please make note of the following.

  • Polio survivors from any country may apply.
  • The maximum amount of funding available per individual within a two year period is $800.
  • Payments are made to brace or shoe companies and not to individuals.
  • Funds are not available for buying two pairs of different sized shoes.

In need of funding for braces or custom-made shoes?

Apply for a grant of up to $800 from the Siegfried Memorial Fund by submitting a short application along with an estimate from an orthotist or custom shoe maker.

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Want to support those in need?

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