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2014 Promoting Healthy Ideas: PHI’s 11th International Conference

Survivors and their families and friends and health professionals with expertise in promoting healthy ideas met in St. Louis, May 31–June 3, 2014. Arriving from seven countries, 35 states and the District of Columbia, 212 individuals participated in a wide variety of sessions learning new ideas and skills, participating in discussions and meeting new people strengthening their networks. PHI compiled the …

2009 Living with Polio in the 21st Century: PHI’s 10th International Conference

Living with Polio in the 21st Century was the title of Post-Polio Health International’s 10th International Conference at Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation (RWSIR) in Warm Springs, Georgia, April 23-25, 2009. “The Spirit of Warm Springs” was evident as the staff at RWSIR welcomed 436 registrants. In attendance were survivors, family members and health professionals from 11 countries (46 individuals) …

2005 Ninth International Conference on Post-Polio Health and Ventilator-Assisted Living: STRATEGIES FOR LIVING WELL

June 2-4, 2005, Saint Louis, Missouri Information from most of the 95 speakers – health professionals and polio survivors and ventilator users – who represented 26 states and 7 countries. The conference was attended by 340 people from 13 countries and 34 states. See the Conference Program Booklet. Topics include: Anesthesia Precautions for People with Neurologic Conditions Analyzing Your Gait …

2000 Eighth International Post-Polio & Independent Living Conference

Eighth International Post-Polio & Independent Living Conference, held in Saint Louis, Missouri, featured 89 speakers who have expertise and experience with post-polio and independent living issues. Three hundred individuals – polio survivors, ventilator users, health professionals, and exhibitors from 14 countries and 39 states – participated in the three-day event. See the Conference Program Booklet.

1997 Seventh International Post-Polio and Independent Living Conference

The Seventh International Post-Polio and Independent Living Conference took place in Saint Louis, Missouri, May 29-31, 1997. The featured speaker was Tony Gould, author of A Summer Plague: Polio and Its Survivors. See the conference program or read the opening address by Joan L. Headley, “Lessons Learned … Future Challenges.”