Post-Polio Experts Present

These timely informational videos are presented by dedicated experts who have significant experience in managing post-polio problems and in advocating for the survivors of polio. The presenters provide information and advice to the health professionals who treat polio survivors and also to survivors and their families. Check out additional videos on PHI's YouTube channel.
How Polio and PPS Impact our Character, Personality, and Emotional Experiences - Hal Goldberg

Sustainable Caregiving - Theresa Wilbanks

The interplay between polio residuals, aging, and common health problems people experience as they age - Marny K. Eulberg, MD

Physical Therapy - Carolyn Da Silva, PT, DSc

What Centers for Independent Living Can Do for Polio Survivors - John Ballard

Accessible Travel - Candy Harrington

Exercise Guidelines for Polio Survivors - Carol Vandenakker Albanese, MD

Promoting Positive Solutions for Aging with Polio - RHODA OLKIN, PhD, and STEPHANIE T. MACHELL, PsyD

Optimizing Your Experience with Your Physician - MARTIN B. WICE, MD

Noninvasive Ventilation - NORMA MT BRAUN, MD, FACP, FCCP

PHI Town Hall: Bracing - MARNY K. EULBERG, MD

Components of Comprehensive Post-Polio Management - CAROL VANDENAKKER-ALBANESE, MD

Components of a Post-Polio Evaluation - FREDERICK M. MAYNARD, MD

Polio and Anesthesia - SELMA CALMES, MD (ret'd)

Ways to Avoid Respiratory Complications of Postpoliomyelitis - JOHN R. BACH, MD

Sleep Hygiene - WILLIAM M. DEMAYO, MD

The Importance of Posture - HOLLY WISE, PT, PhD

Relationships - STEPHANIE T. MACHELL, PsyD

Disability Affirmative Therapy - RHODA OLKIN, PhD

Self Advocacy and Community Advocacy - WILLIAM G. STOTHERS

Spirituality in Disability - CYNDI JONES, MDiv

Developing a Personal Philosophy about Disability - LAWRENCE C. BECKER, PhD

Are Polioviruses playing a pathogenic role in the late consequences of polio? - ANTONIO TONIOLO, MD  (Italian)

Poliomielite - SHEILA JEAN MCNEILL INGHAM, MD, PhD  [Portuguese]