"WE’RE STILL HERE!" is PHI's annual awareness campaign, held annually the second week of October. The campaign was established in 2007 with the goal of educating the healthcare community and the public that there are survivors of polio still in need of health care and still making the world a better place for all people with disabilities.


Most Recent Campaign

PHI’s 17th annual post-polio awareness campaign will take place October 8–14, 2023. We are once again inviting you to help contribute to another successful campaign. Spread the word about the late effects of polio and remind the world that WE’RE STILL HERE!

This year’s theme centers around the idea of adaptation; particularly, what adaptations you’ve employed to participate in your favorite interests and hobbies. Perhaps you use an assistive device to provide support and stability while engaging in activities such as walking, hiking or gardening.

If you enjoy painting or drawing, maybe you use modified brushes or adaptive grips to hold the tools more comfortably. Those who love to cook might take advantage of modified utensils or make modifications to their kitchen.

Wheelchairs designed for different terrains, such as all-terrain or sports wheelchairs, might allow you to participate in activities like sports, outdoor adventures or even wheelchair dancing. Voice recognition software, adaptive keyboards or touchscreens may help you engage in writing, blogging or creating digital art.

Polio survivors are nothing if not resourceful. When our disability throws up a roadblock, we find a way around it. We want to hear from you about the ways you’ve found to keep pursuing your passions.

How to participate:

  • Send a picture and short description (1–2 paragraphs) of an adaptation that has allowed you to participate in a hobby or activity.

How to submit:

  • Email your submission to info@post-polio.org (Subject: WSH 2023) OR mail it to our office at 50 Crestwood Executive Ctr #440, Saint Louis, MO 63126.
  • Include your name, mailing address, phone and/or email.

Post-Polio Health International will feature select submissions on our social media accounts and website during WE’RE STILL HERE! week. We will also highlight the best submissions in the fall edition of Post-Polio Health.

The deadline for submissions has passed. Check out our Facebook page to see the results of this year's campaign.