Feldenkrais Therapy helps me

I am a polio survivor who has a brilliant Feldenkrais Therapist who is also a certified physical therapist. She is able to help me move more easily and efficiently. Feldenkrais Therapy is very hard to explain, but basically, I try to use many other muscles to make up for the ones that don’t work well. This leads to fatigue of the whole body. During the private ‘Functional Integration’ session of the Feldenkrais Therapy, my body learns to make more efficient and effective use of smaller muscles near the ones that don’t work well instead of straining my whole body.

I always walk taller and easier, with a straighter back and increased mobility after the session. This improved state lasts longer and longer after each visit. There are also techniques and exercises I can use to help myself at home.

Sharis, Sunnyvale, CA, swoods568@juno.com