Coenzyme Q10

I am a physician who has developed post-polio syndrome (PPS) in the past few years. Under the advice of a very bright colleague, a professor of neurology, I have been taking Coenzyme Q10 in high doses with some benefit. At least, I can categorically state that my PPS is “quiescent” for now, when it is usually considered a progressive condition. I would encourage PPS sufferers to consider taking Coenzyme Q10 in an attempt to improve muscle function, under medical guidance. After some research into its mechanism of action, the most likely explanation for the benefit seems to be a powerful anti-oxidant effect of Q10 on mitochondria of cells. The question remains whether the effect is on the mitochondria or neurones or the muscle cells themselves! Hopefully further research will be done to resolve this issue and which, in turn, will lead to better therapies for PPS.

Bala Pillai, MD, Laurel, New York

Response: See “My Experience with Human Growth Hormone (hgh)” in Fall 2004 issue of Post-Polio Health.