From Maggie Prestwich about John Prestwich

“It is with great sadness that I write to tell you all that my darling John died on Monday 27th February. He had been in St. Thomas’ Hospital, London for a few weeks undergoing tests for an obvious problem with his blood chemistry. The day he was due to come home he suddenly developed tremendous stomach pains. Following investigations and tests, he underwent emergency surgery and it was discovered that he had a perforated stomach.

He survived the operation but for the next 3 weeks he was being ventilated by the tracheotomy they’d had to perform at the time of surgery. This was unbelievably devastating for him as it meant he was unable to communicate.

Added to that, his one kidney wasn’t functioning so he was on dialysis. On Monday 7th February he had to be taken to the operating theatre again to find the reason why he wasn’t recovering as well as he should be. Sadly, this time he didn’t make it and died on the operating table. All I can be thankful for is that he was unconscious at the time and therefore not suffering. Also, I’m sure he wouldn’t have wanted to spend the rest of his life possibly on dialysis and maybe unable to revert back to using a negative pressure ventilator – i.e. ending up not as a person with a disability but as an invalid.

In spite of the extent and the length of time (50 years) of his disability, he was such a positive person. He was such an inspiration to not only all who met him, but from all the emails we have received from many people worldwide who over the years have come across our website, He has been an inspiration to people we have not met. A service of Thanksgiving for his inspirational life is being held on March 16th at our village church in Chipperfield, Hertfordshire UK.

Photo of John Prestwich (taken at Royal Ascot 2003) which depicts his positive spirit and that wonderful twinkle he always had in those blue eyes of his.