Wondering about beneficial effects of Omega 3

I had paralytic polio when I was a little girl (in the early sixties). I am still only in my forties but for a few years I have been developing weakness in my leg muscles and more recently my arms and around my back. I had never heard of PPS until a couple of days ago. I now know that that is what is wrong with me.

However, a few months ago, I was experiencing terrible pain in all my joints of my right leg. Not knowing what it was, I just felt instinctively that it was something lacking in my brain. Not sure why I thought that. I knew that my muscles and joint movement were dependent upon nerves working properly in my brain and because I was getting so tired all the time, I surmised that maybe my nerves in my brain were tired and simply needed waking up to get the neuron things firing properly. So, I decided to start taking Omega 3. After about six or seven days, I noticed a vast improvement in my right leg. I was thrilled to bits. I continued taking the Omega 3 for another few weeks — but then I stopped taking them about two weeks ago. Then a few days ago, my other leg has started having the same problems that my right leg was having and the weakness in my arms and back have returned.

I’m not suggesting for one moment that Omega 3 is some sort of miracle cure – but I sort of sense that we need to encourage new nerves to grow, then maybe Omega 3 could be one of those helpers. I also realize that this could simply be coincidence (because the weakness comes and goes for some people) and that maybe I was just taking the Omega 3 at the right time, thereby giving me the impression that it was the Omega 3 that was helping. But something is telling me that Omega 3 could help play a part.

I know that the Eskimo’s staple diet is rich in Omega 3 and because of that they have no heart conditions and so on. Do the Eskimos suffer from PPS? Karen, ann.havard@ntlworld.com