My List of What Works for Me

  • Shower Stool & Shower Hose
  • Remote for the TV
  • Commode next to the bed
  • Bed very close to bathroom
  • ‘Reacher’ in every room
  • Microwave & Toaster Oven
  • Fabric Shoe Bag hanging on door to hold shoes, baseball hats, visors, cat’s brush, neck collars
  • Fabric & Clear Plastic Hanging Shoe Bags with horizontal openings for my long-sleeved t-shirts, kept in color order
  • A speaker phone with headset & large numbers and 20 programmed numbers
  • The best INVACARE wheelchair
  • Support Group that helps and shares
  • Ties around each doorknob to pull open or closed
  • Most all medical needs I have been given free from Convalescent Aid Society
  • Use a “Y” shaped pen
  • Waste basket in every room
  • All shelves and drawers organized to be at my reach level

Juanita, Southern California