Hormonal and nutritional supplements help polio survivor

If anything in my story could help anyone else it is well worth trying to share what I’ve discovered. Hindsight is 20/20 so it is easier to condense the results rather than try to relate step-by-step.

I was five years old and spent 2-3 months at the Sister Kenny Foundation in Minneapolis, MN. I walked away and never thought much about having had polio until about 5-6 months after having had my last menstrual period.

I have since concluded that the damage done by the poliovirus makes us ultra sensitive to ANY changes in our systems – hormonal and nutritional. Nutritional deficiencies can be brought on in our 50s by the fact that our digestive tracts don’t absorb nutrients as efficiently as when we were younger. This was brought to my attention by an article in the AARP Magazine.

Consequently, I am doing better now than I was a year ago at this time. I have supplemented B-12, which has lessened the sharp pains in muscles and legs and B-1 which has almost eliminated the nerve burning. Progesterone cream has improved the leg fatigue. I am also taking several nutrients that I researched through articles on diabetic neuropathy under the theory that “nerve damage is nerve damage” whether it is from polio or diabetes.

I am so thankful for the improvement! Do I still feel the affects from post-polio? Yes. Is it as bad? No. Last year I ran around the house getting ready for Thanksgiving and had to crash in my chair with aching and nerves burning in my legs and feet. This year I will take it easier than I have all of my life but the aches and pains will be so much less. At this Thanksgiving, I have a heart that is grateful for the wealth of information we have available to help us with nutritional healing. Our damaged nerves need all the help they can get to maintain as much function as possible!

Candi, Wyoming davisinwyo@wyoming.com

I received numerous emails from others who said the B1 and B12 had helped them also. One person said that she was able to cut back on pain pills. I would like to add that I started taking resveratrol about a year ago. This is the substance that is found in wine/grapes. You can get it in a capsule form. Within a few weeks I noticed that I wasn’t as fatigued at the end of the work day. I continued to function with less of that awful chronic fatigue feeling.