Shoulder problems for wheelchair user

I had bilateral lower extremity polio in 1953.  Although given long leg braces I chose to use my manual wheelchair (I didn’t fall down and have to look strange wearing clothing over my braces).  In my 50’s I began to have pain in my arms and shoulders and subsequent weakness.  I was told I had tendinitis, carpal tunnel, and residual polio. After seeing multiple orthopedics, having MRIs and then going to Rancho Hospital in California, I felt hopeless. I did a little research and found the Shoulder and Elbow Society. My physician was trained in an orthopedic hospital in New York and had seen multiple cases of shoulder problems in persons using either crutches or wheelchairs.  I had a complete torn rotator cuff injury.  It’s been almost two years since the repair and I no longer have pain, I can push the chair and transfer with my right arm.  I had to use an electric chair post surgical, and was quite limited, but I as limited as I would have been without his intervention.  My siblings have shoulder problems and none of them use a wheelchair. I have found out that a lot of my problems are not from polio, and they can be corrected. It isn’t easy going through the re-coop time, but it is worth it.