Articles about Nursing

Alexa Stuifbergen, RN, School of Nursing, The University of Texas at Austin, 1700 Red River, Austin, TX 78701, USA,, has studied polio survivors for several years and has published the following:

  • Harrison T, Stuifbergen A, Barriers that further disablement: A study of survivors of polio., J Neurosci Nurs 33: 3, 160-6, Jun, 2001.
  • Becker H, Stuifbergen A, What makes it so hard? Barriers to health promotion experienced by people with multiple sclerosis and polio, Fam Community Health 27: 1, 75-85, Jan-Mar, 2004.
  • Stuifbergen AK, Seraphine A, Harrison T, Adachi E, An explanatory model of health promotion and quality of life for persons with post-polio syndrome, Soc Sci Med 60: 2, 383-393, Jan, 2005.
  • Stuifbergen A, Secondary conditions and life satisfaction among polio survivors., Rehab Nursing 30: 5, 173-179, Sept-Oct, 2005.