Preparing for possibilities

After eight stitches to close a cut above my right eyebrow following a nasty fall, I visited my optician. I ordered a pair of prescription glasses with frames and lenses identical to those worn by people who participate in contact sports, e.g., racketball. The cost was about two-thirds of what I paid for my previous pair of glasses. (The looks I get are worth the price.) I wear them primarily when I’m on my feet, switching to standard (more fragile and expensive) glasses at other times. I also called my local fire department and spoke with the head of the rescue unit. I explained that from time to time I may fall and be unable to get myself back on my feet or possibly face other medical emergencies. He responded that I need only call, and they would appear through whatever door I had left unlocked, check me out, get me on my feet, and transport me to an emergency room, if necessary. I bought the cheapest, smallest cell phone I could find with the lowest available monthly rate, resolving to keep it in a pocket or on my belt at all times when home alone. I have never needed to use the service, but knowing it is available is of great comfort to me and my dear ones, especially for my wife who is able to leave me home alone without guilt.

Sheldon, Cumming, Georgia