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Donating Shoes

People with different-sized feet frequently ask if there is a place where they can donate or exchange the extra shoes. PHI welcomes updates to the following at any time: National Odd Shoe Exchange (NOSE) PO Box 1120, Chandler, AZ 85225 480-892-3484, The One Shoe Crew PO Box 285, Rio Linda, CA 95673 480-892-3484, The Minus One Club …

Retailers providing single/mismatched shoe services

Nordstrom’s Birkenstock Express Online 301 SW Madison Ave, Corvallis OR 97333, 800-451-1459 Therapeutic Footwear: National Shoe Retailers Association maintains a database to allow one to search by zip code or area for shoes in special sizes and/or widths. Aetrex Worldwide – Therapeutic shoes. Markell Shoe Company – Orthopedic footwear, appliances and orthotic devices. One day when I went to pick …

Special Shoes

For many years I have been searching the Northeast for a real orthopedic shoemaker who makes a quality and-crafted shoe that looks good, feels comfortable and is reasonably priced. Until recently I have had no success and resorted to having my shoes made overseas where there are still craftsmen who take pride in producing a fine orthopedic shoe. I was …