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Jeff Finazzo

Drinking alcohol is a common way many cultures and individuals socialize and deal with stress. Although studies have identified benefits associated with lower levels of drinking, even “moderate” drinking has effects and risks. Alcohol is a drug that is a depressant and, for polio survivors, should be avoided because it can interfere with swallowing and nutrition, and impair judgment and/or …


Jeff Finazzo

Due to recent advances in medical rehabilitation, emergency medicine, and consumer education, for the first time in history persons with significant disabilities, like their nondisabled counterparts before them, are surviving long enough to experience both the rewards and challenges of mid- to later-life (Ansello & Eustis, 1992).  Aging with polio has not come without its costs. In exchange for the …

Adaptive Equipment

Jeff Finazzo

Adaptive equipment enables people with disabilities and the elderly to accomplish life’s tasks independently and safely. Health care professionals, such as occupational therapists and physical therapists, can assess the functional abilities of the person with a disability, assist in selecting the appropriate equipment, and provide training with that device, if needed. Adaptive equipment may be acquired commercially and may need …