Living With Polio

Cold Legs

Post-Polio Health, (Volume 31, Number 3), Summer 2015

Question: I had non-paralytic polio in 1949 when I was 2. I now wear two leg braces; one on my polio leg for drop foot and the other one on my left leg because I started dragging that foot. My right leg is always very cold to the touch even though it never feels cold to me unless I touch it.

Is there any therapy or anything else I can do to get this atrophied leg warm? I wear compression knee socks and sometimes two pairs of regular knee socks and these do not solve the problem. Thank you for all you do to help polio survivors.

Response from Dr. Fred Maynard: You are doing the only helpful thing for cold polio-atrophied legs by wearing layers of warm socks in cooler weather. Try to put the socks on when the leg is at its warmest, like after a hot bath or first thing in the morning before getting out of a warm bed. I would reassure you that the persistent coldness will not lead to other problems, nor is it likely a sign of other problems. I know you stay active and that may be helpful also.

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