Living With Polio

Life Stories

PHI has assembled a collection of polio survivors’ life stories below. Click on the title to view each story. If you would like to submit your own, please send a Word doc and any relevant photos to

Uniquely Strong
Sel Alonde

A Story from Sri Lanka
Senarath Attanayake

A Window into America’s Paralytic Plague
Maurice Becker

Francine Lake Bergman

Eviriyanti Christina

What Having a Disability Taught Me
Ida Curtis

My Personal Story
Dr. Raju Dhakal

My Polio Letter
Astrid Gorvett

Remembering James Murdoch
BJ Grieve

PPS Medical Insights, Evaluations and a Plan of Action That for Me, Have Stood the Test of Time
Sandra Hughes Grinnell

This Is My Story
Debbie Hardy

Sharon Jarrett

Erinnerunge an den Beginn und Verlauf meiner Krankengeschichte in Bezug auf Polio (Kinderlähmung)
Barbara Kühl

The Victories and Challenges Related to Post-Polio Syndrome
Mark Mallinger

Testimony of a Polio Survivor in México
Esther Liliana Marasco Garrido

Polio Survivors Stories
Sandhills Post Polio Health Group

This booklet, compiled in 2006, contains the personal accounts of 22 individuals who were members of the Sandhills Post Polio Health Group in Pinehurst, North Carolina.

A View From the 89th Floor
Ray Taylor

A Global Career in Universal Design Shaped by Childhood Experiences
Edmund A. Weaver, Jr.

From Polio Patient to Polio Voice
Daniel J. Wilson

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