Living With Polio

Ten Axioms for Living With Polio

Joyce Ann Tepley, LMSW/ACP, LCP

1. Approach one’s life from the inside out.

2. Anything one does physically comes from an idea first.

3. Work with intention rather than will power.

4. Attitude is more iimportant than activity.

5. An attitude is an idea blended with emotion. It is the most powerful energy in the world.

6. One can profit from a negative attitude just as from a positive attitude. It does not matter as long as one has an attitude of learning.

7. Living is a process, not a goal.

8. Living well depends on how one learns from one’s experiences rather than on what one accomplishes.

9. Wisdom is a truer measure of one’s worth than how many things one owns or how much one does.

10. (To be discovered within the next 30 years.)

-May 31, 1994

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