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Brian Tiburzi

Communication is a two-way street. Participants in any relationship must have a mutual respect for the values, experiences, and skills that each brings to the encounter. Everyone is responsible for his/her own feelings, and experts recommend that feelings be expressed in the first person. Acknowledge them but do not place responsibility for them on someone else. For example, saying, “When …


Brian Tiburzi

WAY TO GROW: THE ACCESSIBLE GARDEN Designing a garden, planting, tending and then enjoying the results leads to a sense of peace, serenity and fulfillment. An accomplishment all our own, restoring our self-esteem, with results we can share with others. Is there anyone who doesn’t find pleasure working with the earth? And yet gardening is often the first activity people …


Brian Tiburzi

TALKING BOOKS LIBRARY I think that reading a good book while reclining is one of the great pleasures in life. But having to hold the book can detract from the experience, especially if the book is hardcover. So how about listening to the book instead? There are two ways to enjoy audio books inexpensively. You can drive to the library, …

Support Groups

Brian Tiburzi

GOALS AND LEADERSHIP WHAT ARE THEY? WHY DO IT ALONE? WHO NEEDS THEM? WHO CAN BENEFIT? IS OUR GROUP NORMAL? EN ESPAÑOL GOALS AND LEADERSHIP The goal of a support group is to empower its members with the tools necessary to make adjustments needed to continue a life of dignity and independence. Contrary to the image sometimes portrayed in the …

Why Should You Consider Seeing a PT? Choosing a PT.

Brian Tiburzi

One excellent reason for seeing a PT in the absence of declining physical function is to undergo a well-rounded baseline evaluation against which future problems might be measured. Individuals who have not experienced recent functional decline may seek the services of a PT so that they may be educated in ways to minimize the effects of their polio problems on …

Positioning for Comfort during Work, Leisure Activities and Rest

Brian Tiburzi

I. INTRODUCTION Please understand that consistently using the principles discussed below is important when performing ANY activity. In other words, do not wait to use these principles just when you are in pain, but rather, use the principles all of the time. Why should you use these principles? To prevent pain and further malfunction. To maintain ease of movement during …

PPS Pain and Fatigue

Brian Tiburzi

Linda Cannon Rowan When I complain to my doctor about pain or fatigue, he usually tells me that I am not getting enough rest. I GET SO TIRED OF HEARING THAT I NEED TO REST! BUT I KNOW THAT I MUST! A day without pain is rare. I was told when I was first diagnosed not to do anything to …

Learning from Disability

Brian Tiburzi

Grace Young My life changed course when I had polio at age nine, but I was too young to realize it. When a person is disabled in adulthood their whole world is turned upside down pretty quickly. At the age of nine, I only knew that I couldn’t walk, play outside with my friends, or go to school for a …

Living in Two Worlds – Physically and Spiritually

Brian Tiburzi

Vera Trout Moore While nurses and doctors did a remarkable job of preparing me for life after polio, my life could not have been as rewarding without my spiritual life. When I was a young mother, elder ladies of the church invited me to join them at a morning coffee time when items were crafted for the annual bazaar. This …

Come Hear the Music Play

Brian Tiburzi

Nancy Baldwin Carter, BA, M Ed Psych, Omaha, Nebraska, is a polio survivor, a writer, and is founder and former director of Nebraska Polio Survivors Association. The words kept running through my mind: “What good is sitting alone in your room?” Da dah da dah dah dah. Yes. That song from Cabaret. What was I thinking? Then it hit me. Exactly! How many …