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Fatigue (Constantly Tired)

Brian Tiburzi

Post-Polio Health, Volume 29, Number 1, Winter 2013 Ask Dr. Maynard Frederick M. Maynard, MD Question: I had polio in both legs at age 10 in 1953 and was unable to walk for a year. With therapy and exercise, I pretty well recovered in one leg and can walk without help. How does fatigue affect people who have had polio? I’m …

Restless Legs and Polio; Muscles Tears and Polio

Brian Tiburzi

Post-Polio Health, Volume 31, Number 4, Fall 2015 Question: I had what was termed a “mild” case of polio in 1951 at age 7. Other than a barely noticeable curvature of the spine and temporary weakness in the neck, I had no ill effects and was back in full action within a couple months. I played sports throughout high school and …