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Brian Tiburzi

Facing new functional loss is one aspect of the late effects of polio. While a positive focus is healthy and contributes to adjustment, to focus only on the positive, and to ignore the loss and its pain, separates one from his/her own experiences. Individuals need to adapt to, or grieve, loss. If grieving is incomplete, further psychological growth and development …

Polio and Me: An Inside Look

Brian Tiburzi

Nancy Baldwin Carter One day I was running wild through the exhibits at the Thayer County Fair in Nebraska, a typical eleven-year-old shrieking uncontrollably as the Octopus ride tossed me hither and yon, winning a kewpie doll pitching plastic balls through embroidery hoops. The next, I was in bed with the “flu.” I was soon to be rushed to the …


Brian Tiburzi

Spirituality has been variously described as a person’s relationship with God, the holy, or the whole; beliefs about the meaning, purpose, or mission of life; feelings of interconnection with the universe or all living things; commitment to values, ideals, and altruism; and being open to the mystery of existence. Spirituality is not necessarily associated with religious membership, but is related …

Spirituality In Stillness: To Transcend, Transform, Then Transfuse

Brian Tiburzi

Spirituality: It’s Personal Alison (Sunny) Roller, MA Presented at PHI’s 11th International Conference: Promoting Healthy Ideas (2014) Definitions Spirit is “an animating or vital principle held to give life to physical organisms.” Spirituality is defined differently by a variety of authors. There does seem to be a recurring theme, however. Spirituality is awe-inspiring and gives life meaning. It refers to the …

Living in Two Worlds – Physically and Spiritually

Brian Tiburzi

Vera Trout Moore While nurses and doctors did a remarkable job of preparing me for life after polio, my life could not have been as rewarding without my spiritual life. When I was a young mother, elder ladies of the church invited me to join them at a morning coffee time when items were crafted for the annual bazaar. This …