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“Not Going Is Not an Option”

Brian Tiburzi

Jann Hartman, Seattle, Washington I grew up believing in fairy tales and loved stories that ended “happily ever after.” Even when I got polio in 1953 at almost 6 years old and spent most of that year in the hospital, I still believed that everything would work out for the best. I met my “knight in shining armor,” we got …

Out to Sea – Accessible Cruising

Brian Tiburzi

I love to travel. No, I live to travel, and when I was mobile I did a lot of it, from camping here in the US to sightseeing in Europe. I can divide my travel history into three phases. Phase 1 – “Almost” able-bodied. I could walk distances, climb, pull my own luggage, hop on and off trains. No need …

And Away We Go! Traveling with Mobility Aids

Brian Tiburzi

Travel overseas – or anywhere – can be enjoyable, enriching, enlightening, or a complete disaster if your equipment ends up mutilated or at the wrong destination. You should have the adventures, not your wheelchair. I have flown with a power scooter and a manual wheelchair, and have accompanied others who traveled with power wheelchairs. Air travel affords you less control …

Travel Resources

Brian Tiburzi

New Horizons: Information for the Air Traveler with a Disability Accessible Air Travel: A Guide for People with Disabilities Global Access Travel Aides International Access-Able Travel Source Society for the Advancement of Travel for the Handicapped (SATH) American Society of Travel Agents Scoot-Around North America Disability Travel and Recreation Resources Emerging Horizons: Accessible Travel News Fodor’s Great American Vacations for …

Keeping Mobility Equipment Together

Brian Tiburzi

A few months ago I flew to the east coast for a cruise and needed to take both my scooter and manual wheelchair. The problem was that both “vehicles” had loose parts and I was worried that something would get lost in the baggage compartment during the flight. My scooter has two parts that come off easily – the basket …