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Brian Tiburzi

WAY TO GROW: THE ACCESSIBLE GARDEN Designing a garden, planting, tending and then enjoying the results leads to a sense of peace, serenity and fulfillment. An accomplishment all our own, restoring our self-esteem, with results we can share with others. Is there anyone who doesn’t find pleasure working with the earth? And yet gardening is often the first activity people …


Brian Tiburzi

TALKING BOOKS LIBRARY I think that reading a good book while reclining is one of the great pleasures in life. But having to hold the book can detract from the experience, especially if the book is hardcover. So how about listening to the book instead? There are two ways to enjoy audio books inexpensively. You can drive to the library, …

Computer Comfort

Brian Tiburzi

Whatever difficulties you are grappling with – visual or hearing impairment, mobility challenges, invisible disabilities and chronic conditions – there is a way to access cyberspace. Computers bring the world to you and enable you to enter the world. Communication, education, entertainment, shopping, employment–it’s all available thanks to ongoing technological advances. It isn’t possible for this chapter to cover the …


Brian Tiburzi

Many survivors need to work because their jobs provide a necessary source of income as well as health insurance and retirement benefits. Many derive a sense of satisfaction or an identity from work. However, some face the dilemma of fulfilling work obligations and demands which can increase the strain on overworked muscles and increase “global” fatigue affecting mental acuity. The …


Brian Tiburzi

Ergonomics is an interdisciplinary field concerned with the performance and safety of individuals at work, how people cope with the work environment, interact with machines, and, in general, negotiate their work surroundings. Applying this knowledge to all environments, tools, tasks, and jobs produces ones that are safe, comfortable, and effective. As strength and endurance decrease, the use of ergonomic principles …