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Don’t Ignore Pressure Sores

Brian Tiburzi

Mary Ann Buckingham had polio when she was 12 and walked using braces and crutches. Now 73, she started using a wheelchair about 20 years ago when her arms became too weak to use crutches. As a polio support group leader for 10 years, she was well aware of the danger of pressure sores and took preventive measures to avoid …

Stress Reduction Ideas

Brian Tiburzi

“Promoting Positive Solutions,” Post-Polio Health, Volume 29, Number 3, Spring 2013 Question: I am a 79-year-old male who had mild polio. At every annual medical visit, my doctor urges me to manage my stress and feels strongly about meditation. I have tried it and don’t like it. Sitting in a room, closing my eyes focusing on my breathing feels boring, and I …