We’re Still Here! 2021 – Fourth Runner-up

Brenda Ferguson, Tallmadge, Ohio

One of the most important things in my daily life is to find a way to bring sunshine into another person's life. So, I journeyed into the world of learning how to craft homemade greeting cards to send to those downhearted to help lift them out of the feeling of hopelessness COVID-19 has ingrained in them. I began by immersing myself in a group of five very close friends (all acquaintances from church) to learn the basics. Then, each day I would address and mail several cards – not only to people I knew well, but especially to those that I didn't. It has been such a joy to hop on my scooter and go to the mailbox daily and drop in a handful of cards!

Especially hit hard were those in poor health, people all alone, and the elderly who seemed to not quite understand what the illness was all about. I have to admit, a couple of times, I reminisced about how I felt being in isolation when stricken with polio at age 3 and being unable to see or talk to my family. Everyone has suffered greatly in one way or another the past couple of years from the pandemic, and even the smallest thing we can do to lift one another up is so important.


Another joy of mine is to stay in touch with others and make several calls daily, especially to those housebound, to cheer them up. I always end the call with how important it is to "keep looking up" and encourage them to believe that better days are ahead! We will see a big "rainbow," prayerfully one day soon! Let's keep smiling...it may be tough some days, but we will get through this!