Post-Polio Health International's mission
is to enhance the lives and independence of
polio survivors and home ventilator users through
Education, Advocacy, Research and Networking.

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Polio Place

Explore the past, the present and help build a promising future for the world’s polio survivors.  

You are invited to learn by searching the major sections and sub-sections and to add your knowledge to help others. Visit often!



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PHI's quarterly newsletter contains
current information about the late effects of polio, updates about post-polio related and neuromuscular respiratory research, as well as articles that offer practical and useful advice by experienced survivors and health care professionals. Available with Membership.

  Remember POLIO? Have you heard
  Click for Post-Polio Health Care Considerations for Families and Friends Flowchart
  What is Post-Polio Syndrome?
  Ask Dr. Maynard
  Promoting Positive Solutions
by Rhoda Olkin, PhD and Stephanie T. Machell, PsyD
  and more ...


WE'RE STILL HERE! October 9-15, 2016

Post-Polio Health International adopted WE’RE STILL HERE! in 2007 as the slogan for its annual awareness campaign. Contact for permission to use.

Family Life!
WE’RE STILL HERE! 2016 Photo Contest

What activities do you enjoy with your family? What activities do you enjoy with your “disability” family? Send us a photo that illustrates polio survivors are active participants in family life. Have you taken your grandkids on a trip? Have you participated in their school activities? Do you contribute to your family life day-to-day in ways that may “surprise” others who do not have a disability? Send us your photos of families in action and help us tell the world that WE’RE STILL HERE! See more ...

  See past activities.
  and more ...


  PHI Awards $100,000 for New Research in 2016-2017
  New Request for 2018 Award
  A Multicenter, Multi-country Study of Immune Globulin Intravenous (Human) Flebogamma® 5% DIF is underway.
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Post-Polio Directory
(free pdf, updated 1-17-17)



  September 2016 Polio Australia Conference
  Videos filmed by PHI at Polio Place (Scroll down.).

Links to PHI PowerPoints:


photo of Sunny Roller


Conversations on living well
with polio
and more by Sunny Roller.

  Resources for support groups
  Post-polio conferences around the world
  Info available from Promoting Healthy Ideas:
PHI’s 11th International Conference
  PHI Membership Memos (2009-2012)
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