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Brian Tiburzi

WAY TO GROW: THE ACCESSIBLE GARDEN Designing a garden, planting, tending and then enjoying the results leads to a sense of peace, serenity and fulfillment. An accomplishment all our own, restoring our self-esteem, with results we can share with others. Is there anyone who doesn’t find pleasure working with the earth? And yet gardening is often the first activity people …


Brian Tiburzi

TALKING BOOKS LIBRARY I think that reading a good book while reclining is one of the great pleasures in life. But having to hold the book can detract from the experience, especially if the book is hardcover. So how about listening to the book instead? There are two ways to enjoy audio books inexpensively. You can drive to the library, …

Life-course Perspective

Brian Tiburzi

The life-course framework for studying disability emphasizes the importance of developmental stages and tasks within an historical and medical context. It finds that decisions about current disability-related issues are influenced by broader concerns about identity and the fulfillment of personal and cultural expectations (Scheer & Luborsky, 1991). Early life experiences with disability are often found to still be important in …

And Away We Go! Traveling with Mobility Aids

Brian Tiburzi

Travel overseas – or anywhere – can be enjoyable, enriching, enlightening, or a complete disaster if your equipment ends up mutilated or at the wrong destination. You should have the adventures, not your wheelchair. I have flown with a power scooter and a manual wheelchair, and have accompanied others who traveled with power wheelchairs. Air travel affords you less control …

Past and Future

Brian Tiburzi

Grace Young When I had polio at age 9, I was happy to have a wheelchair – any wheelchair – that would allow me the freedom to leave my bedroom. The only model available at that time was all wood with a cane back and wooden wheels. Undoubtedly it’s featured in the Smithsonian now. Large, heavy, clunky – forget taking …

Living in Two Worlds – Physically and Spiritually

Brian Tiburzi

Vera Trout Moore While nurses and doctors did a remarkable job of preparing me for life after polio, my life could not have been as rewarding without my spiritual life. When I was a young mother, elder ladies of the church invited me to join them at a morning coffee time when items were crafted for the annual bazaar. This …

Feelings of Sadness

Brian Tiburzi

From the series, Polio Survivors Ask, by Nancy Baldwin Carter, B.A, M.Ed.Psych, from Omaha, Nebraska, is a polio survivor, a writer, and is founder and former director of Nebraska Polio Survivors Association. Q: Every now and then I get a feeling of sadness over losses that I associate with my aging with polio. I was never taught to acknowledge my polio emotions, and …

Home Sweet Home?

Brian Tiburzi

Nancy Baldwin Carter, BA, M Ed Psych, Omaha, Nebraska, is a polio survivor, a writer, and is founder and former director of Nebraska Polio Survivors Association. FACT: 90% of Americans polled said they definitely do not want to live in a nursing facility. FACT: 80% of Americans polled want to continue living in their own homes until the end. With the total of …

A Better Life

Brian Tiburzi

Nancy Baldwin Carter, BA, M Ed Psych, Omaha, Nebraska, is a polio survivor, a writer, and is founder and former director of Nebraska Polio Survivors Association. It’s time we got this straight: palliative care is not the same as hospice. As Karen Rafinski put it in June’s AARP Bulletin, “Palliative care is about making the most of life with a …

Aging Well with Post-Polio Syndrome: Addressing Physical Reasons for Sleep Problems

Brian Tiburzi

Researchers at the University of Washington’s Aging Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (2009) Getting a better sleep may not always happen overnight, but if your sleep problems are due to medical issues, there are ways you can manage them. Many medical problems can disrupt sleep in people with post-polio syndrome, such as breathing problems, so treating them is a first …