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Still Here, After All These Years

Brian Tiburzi

Lawrence C. Becker “You had polio? I thought they cured that.” If I had $10 for every time I’ve heard those words, I could sponsor a vaccination program in a village in some hard-to-reach part of the world. That would be a good thing. But polio is not “cured” by the vaccines—it is prevented. There’s a difference. Polio is not …

Polio and Me: An Inside Look

Brian Tiburzi

Nancy Baldwin Carter One day I was running wild through the exhibits at the Thayer County Fair in Nebraska, a typical eleven-year-old shrieking uncontrollably as the Octopus ride tossed me hither and yon, winning a kewpie doll pitching plastic balls through embroidery hoops. The next, I was in bed with the “flu.” I was soon to be rushed to the …

High Tech Breathing

Brian Tiburzi

David Cotcher Breathing is fundamental to life. If we do not take in sufficient oxygen or get rid of carbon dioxide (CO2) it affects every part of our body. I had polio at about 18 months and at seven I started to have a curvature of my back that developed into a double curvature called kyphoscoliosis. As I grew my muscles …

Not Just Polio: My Life Story

Brian Tiburzi

Excerpts from the autobiography Not Just Polio: My Life Story of Richard Lloyd Daggett, polio survivor and ventilator user: July, 1953 My mother drove to the hospital to visit almost every afternoon and both pafarents came in the evening. I’m sure it was a difficult time for them. I was their youngest child, and I was very, very ill with bulbospinal polio, the …

The FDR Bond: How a Little Girl’s Friendship With America’s Most Famous Polio Patient Changed Her Forever

Brian Tiburzi

Anne K. Gross, PhD On the evening of November 3, 1928, three year old Carol Rosenstiel, her braces hidden under her pant trousers, her wooden crutches digging into her underarms, stood on the platform of Grand Central Terminal in New York City, a huge suitcase by her side. Her mother, Evelyn, holding her three month old son, bent down, straightened …

Nutrition and Post-Polio

Brian Tiburzi

Lauro S. Halstead, MD This is the story of my personal journey to learn more about nutrition. The path I followed and what I discovered along the way are specific to my body, my nutritional needs and my disability. Some of the principles I learned may apply to others, but the particulars relate only to me. I would no more …

Acute Polio and Its Evolution: Reminiscences of a ‘Polio Fellow’

Brian Tiburzi

Ernest W. Johnson, MD Returning from 34 months in the southeast Pacific as a GI to my home in Akron, Ohio, I was entitled to four calendar years of a university education funded by the GI bill. I enrolled at The Ohio State University (OSU) and while rooming with a high school friend who was completing his last year of …

A Paralyzing Fear

Brian Tiburzi

Kathleen A. Navarre My reaction to the film “A Paralyzing Fear” ran the gamut from objective film critic to the very personal reliving of a long repressed event that seemed to happen to someone else, or in another lifetime, but also clearly happened to me. The event, polio at the age of six in 1952, is at once an intimately …

The Miracle of the Singing Bunny

Brian Tiburzi

Sunny Roller Her bright blue-eyed pre-kindergarten daughter lie flaccid in a hospital bed, almost completely paralyzed from polio. Now 60 years ago, that horrifying summer polio epidemic had swooped this young family into its vile clutches, never to fully let go during their generation. Devastated, Marj, her husband, Art, and their toddling one-year old son, Scotty somehow got a ride back and …

What People With Disabilities Hope For From Other People

Brian Tiburzi

Fr. Robert J. Ronald, SJ, Taiwan Please don’t notice only our disabilities. They are the first thing that you see, but they are not the most important thing there is to know about us. We hope that when you see us you will say to yourself, “Here’s somebody like me, who may have some abilities, interests or aspirations similar to …