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Imperative to Fight Ableism

Brian Tiburzi

Karen Hagrup I am disabled and proud. I have a doctorate and two daughters. I live in a nice condo with my partner. I’m retired and volunteer regularly in my community. People come to me for help. I rarely worry anymore about others’ attitudes toward my impairment; they’ve probably got it wrong anyway. Some might say I’ve overcome my disability. …

Losing Our Rights?

Brian Tiburzi

∞ LEADERSHIP Nancy Baldwin Carter, Omaha, Nebraska QUESTION: “Members in our group have been commenting on certain changes that affect our lives in many ways. Seems as if various government agencies aren’t as willing to help as before, for instance, and sometimes we’re left with a financial burden we can’t handle. Are we in danger of losing some of the rights so …

Newsletter Content

Brian Tiburzi

LEADERSHIP Nancy Baldwin Carter, Omaha, Nebraska QUESTION: “We have published a support group newsletter for more than ten years and feel it is time to re-evaluate its content. What should go into a good polio newsletter?” ANSWER: I love this old Encyclopaedia Britannica definition: a newsletter is an “informal publication, often simple in format and crisp in style that provides special information …

Clash of Members’ “abilities”

Brian Tiburzi

∞ LEADERSHIP Nancy Baldwin Carter, Omaha, Nebraska QUESTION: “I was shocked, but I have come to learn that people in our group who can walk expressed at a recent meeting their opinion that the people in wheelchairs and less mobile have limited the activities of the group. They want to go downtown, for instance. Also, they say they are sick of hearing …

Who’s in charge? Role of Spouses

Brian Tiburzi

∞ LEADERSHIP Nancy Baldwin Carter, Omaha, Nebraska QUESTION: ”Who’s in charge? In our group, some of the spouses have taken over the leadership roles and they are not as understanding of our situation. Has this happened to other groups? How was it rectified?” ANSWER: Who do you want to be in charge? I have this theory that I read about years ago and …