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Life Stories

Brian Tiburzi

PHI has assembled a collection of polio survivors’ life stories below. Click on the title to view each story. If you would like to submit your own, please send a Word doc and any relevant photos to Uniquely Strong Sel Alonde A Story from Sri Lanka Senarath Attanayake A Window into America’s Paralytic Plague Maurice Becker Francine Lake Bergman Eviriyanti Christina …

Polio and Me: An Inside Look

Brian Tiburzi

Nancy Baldwin Carter One day I was running wild through the exhibits at the Thayer County Fair in Nebraska, a typical eleven-year-old shrieking uncontrollably as the Octopus ride tossed me hither and yon, winning a kewpie doll pitching plastic balls through embroidery hoops. The next, I was in bed with the “flu.” I was soon to be rushed to the …